When is the best time to move to Adelaide?

Choosing the perfect time to move to Adelaide is often a stressful decision. Once a visa grant has been approved, families tend to fret about the actual timing of the move. My advice is always to consider all factors and make that decision expeditiously. I find that once a decision as to when to move has been made, the energy is then better channelled to making the move happen, rather than continuing to worry about the timing of the move.

Moving to Adelaide

It seems to be human nature for people to decide to move at the end of the calendar year. December seems to tick a lot of boxes - it's summer and the weather is nice, it's school holidays in many home countries, the kids will have a some time to settle down in Adelaide before school starts in January, starting school at the beginning of the academic year will allow the kids to adjust in school better etc.

Whilst the above factors are all valid, there are several downside to moving to Adelaide at the end of the year.

1. Competition for accommodation is high during this period. There are also Australians who are moving to Adelaide for

reasons such as work transfer, or family reunion and they are also looking for suitable accommodation in Adelaide during this period.

2. Housing stock available for rent or sale is lower during this period which leads into the Christmas and New Year holidays when many companies close for the year, and landlords and vendors go away for their summer holidays.

A combination of the 2 factors above may lead to higher rent being paid for a accommodation that does not quite meet expectations.

3. Some school programs for the new academic year have already been planned in term 4 of the previous academic year. For funding reasons, places may be limited and the kids may miss out on an activity that they enjoy.

For the above reasons, I would recommend making the move to Adelaide in spring. The weather is very pleasant, and housing stock during spring is often at its highest to take advantage of the good weather. Landlords and vendors are also keen to have their properties rented or sold before the holiday rush sets in.

In terms of schooling, there is no real disadvantage in enrolling in school during term 3 or 4. Most teachers are adept to making sure that the new students settle in well. For public schools, subject to availability of places, schools are obliged to take in any students who are living within the designated school zone. Private schools are more than happy to take in students at any time of the year - annual school tuition fees are proportionately adjusted to accommodate for the timing difference.

In summary, do consider moving to Adelaide in spring. The fabulous weather and wider housing opportunities are very compelling reasons to do so.

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