Proving your identity to the Government of South Australia

One of the first hurdles a new migrant to South Australia face upon moving to Adelaide is to prove his/her identity to the Government of South Australia. The first occasion that this situation arises is likely to be when the new migrant buys a car and looks to register the vehicle in his/her own name for the first time at Service SA. the South Australian government's customer service centre.

Buying a car is usually one of the first things a new migrant does on arrival in Adelaide. Registering a new car becomes a problem when the new migrant has yet to obtain a South Australian driver's licence, the common proof of identity in South Australia.

Service SA

What the new migrant can do is to apply for a client number at Service SA. The Government of South Australia adopt guidelines to reduce the incidence of identity fraud. So in order to successfully obtain a client number, the new migrant will need to provide evidence of identity and residential address.

The types of documents and combination of documents which are acceptable to Service SA can be found here. Once approved, the client number will serve as the driver's licence number when the new migrant eventually obtains his/her South Australian driver's licence.

So get your documents ready before heading off to Service SA to register your new vehicle.

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