New migrants have to face up to the realities of their move to Adelaide

I recently put up a post on the Welcome2Adelaide Facebook page linking to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald entitled "Getting a job after 50". This post drew a comment from a reader Albert Ng who said,

"You know what , most of your post is very negative about Australia and yet promoting adelaide most of your post I hardly see anyone 'like' so I ain't sure anyone reading it so I am going to erase you and I definitely not going to ask anyone or future migrants to use your service"

Thanks, Albert.

I realise that moving abroad is a very emotional time for many new migrants and their families. It is a time of great uncertainty, and many new migrants seek to be proven right - to be able to tell friends and family left behind that they have made the right move, and to be able to eventually say "I made the right decision for me and my family."

I have not set up Welcome2Adelaide to sell dreams. The services I offer deal with the realities of moving to Adelaide. I believe that new migrants should be mentally prepared when making the move to Adelaide. Knowing and understanding the current situation at the city of destination is important. Being flexible is a must. Treating the move to Adelaide as you would an investment or a business will make sure that you have considered all aspects before you embark on your journey.

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The article above was not targeted at new migrants or Adelaide. However, I felt that it is important as it dealt with the issue of job hunting for older Australians, a situation that many new migrants may face. I do not think the age prejudice in hiring and recruitment is unique to Australia. However, for someone who may be in the same situation, it is a potential pitfall that has to be overcome.

The unemployment scenario in South Australia is poor. South Australia currently has the highest unemployment rate in Australia at 7.4%, a 13 year high since December 2001. That is a fact and a reality that new migrants need to know. It does not automatically mean that any new migrant will never get a job in Adelaide. However, new migrants should set their expectations accordingly, and plan their move to Adelaide to reflect this reality.

To end on a positive note, the article concluded that one of the ways to overcome the age prejudice is to reinvent oneself, which was what Andrew de Souza, of Northshore Business Consulting did. I believe that most new migrants who have chosen to migrate have the entrepreneurial spirit that will help them overcome many of the challenges that they will undoubtedly face when they move to Adelaide.

All the best!

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