Moving to Adelaide for kids' education

Education is an important consideration

"We are moving to Adelaide for the sake of our kid's education." This is a common statement made by new migrants to Adelaide, particularly those moving to Adelaide from Asia.

Whilst the general perception is that the standard of public education in Australia is high, the rationale behind the statement above can vary from migrant to migrant across the many different nationalities that have chosen to move to Adelaide.

There are migrants, such as those from Malaysia, who generally feel that the standard of education in their home country is not sufficiently rigorous to prepare their children for their working life. Then there are those who are not seeking a better education as such, but a more varied one.

I recently had an opportunity to have a chat with a migrant from South Korea who moved to Adelaide 5 years ago. She explained that in South Korea, the public education is good. Unfortunately, she and her husband are of the view that it is too competitive and stressful for their daughter. Hence the decision to move to Adelaide for a more balanced education. This may well be the same rationale applied by migrants from other developed Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan.

Personally, what I find great about education in Australia are the choices available to parents. I don't mean the choice of public versus private education. Both within the public and private education sectors, parents do have the opportunity to find a school that matches their individual child's needs and interests. Schools provide different emphasis from the more Asian-centric focus on academic performance, to other areas such as music, arts and drama, languages and sports. Students with learning and other disabilities are also well taken cared of to ensure that the school environment is always an inclusive one.

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