What to bring with you on your move to Adelaide

Apart from moving the family to Adelaide, what other items should you bring along?

The answer is a very personal one because we are all very much governed by our own emotions and sentiments. Some personal effects carry more than simply its functionality. The history behind each item can affect our lives whether it is your child's favourite soft toy, your collection of family photographs, or that tablecloth that grandma gave. The answer can really only be determined by you personally.

Do bear in mind though that Adelaide is located in the driest state in the driest continent in the world. What this means is that items made of wood may be affected by the "new" climate here, particularly if you are moving from a tropical country. Big ticket wooden items to consider would include the piano, the hardwood furniture set, antique furniture etc. Due to the high humidity in tropical countries, these wooden items would have absorbed moisture in their lifetime in the home country. After the move to Adelaide, the dry climate here would extract the moisture leaving the items susceptible to cracks and other damage over time.

It is also generally not advisable to pack along the white goods. These would include electrical items such as the fridge, the washing machine and the clothes dryer. These items are generally susceptible to damage during a move. In addition, on arrival you would need to buy plug adaptors to match the wall sockets in Australia. Once moved to Adelaide, the items would not be under warranty, and given the high labour cost in Australia, it would not be cost effective to organise any repairs if the items do break down. White goods bought in Australia would have local warranty in place, and you can also buy extended warranty to cover repairs for up to 5 years. So all in, for peace of mind, it is advisable to buy them in Adelaide.

In the end, once you have discounted the wood-made items and the white goods, many new migrants are left to ponder whether it is necessary to organise the shipping of a container for their move to Adelaide. With the bulky items removed from consideration, it may be that it is no longer justifiable to incur the cost of freight and associated insurance.

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