New migrants face a reversal of roles

Moving to Adelaide represents a new chapter in the lives of many new migrants. It is a unique opportunity to hit the “Reset” button and start all over, albeit in a new country . For those who have been living a double income family life, it is a chance to re-assess the family’s wants and needs, and to plan for the future.

Frequently, a family decision is often taken for the man of the house to look for a job after moving to Adelaide, and for the wife to give up her career and become a stay-at-home mum. This is often seen as the logical setup in a new country; mum being more emotionally attached to the kids and should be available at home to help the kids settle into a new culture and environment, whilst dad does his networking stuff to land a new job.

The reality however may be quite different. New migrants may find that when the job hunt begins after moving to Adelaide, it is not uncommon that there are actually more jobs which are suited to mum than there are to dad!

This should not really come as a surprise. If dad has never taken time off work, and has spectacularly climbed the corporate ladder to a position of senior management in their home country, that level higher up the pyramid naturally has fewer vacancies. Further, if you were to consider that big Australian corporations have their headquarters located in either Sydney or Melbourne, it should not be a shock that dad will struggle to get a job within the same level or even a couple of notches lower in Adelaide.

Conversely, mum’s career may have risen more consistently through the years. She has taken time off to raise the kids. Her job has been regarded as supportive rather than the main source of family income. At her level of seniority, she now enjoys a opportunity to slot into a wider scope of vacancies available in Adelaide.

The above by no means applies to all families. All said and done, it is always wise to keep one’s options open. Whilst planning is critical for a successful move to Adelaide, being flexible is just as important in the long run.

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