Splitting up for the move to Adelaide

We talked about timing in the last blog post. One of the ways to resolve the issue of timing is for the family to temporarily split up. Yes, either the husband or the wife should make the move to Adelaide first, in order to organise things and prepare for the arrival of the rest of the family.

Whilst the splitting up of a family (even temporarily) is not ideal, it makes the move more efficient and reduces the expenses that will be incurred in the move to Adelaide. The spouse who arrives in Adelaide first will be tasked with finding the appropriate accommodation for the rest of the family. The person can also start focusing on the job search, without the worry of having to provide for the family for the time being. Other matters that can be attended to whilst in Adelaide are school enrolments, finding sporting and other extra-curricular activities for the kids, etc . Being alone in Adelaide, the cost of living can be minimised whilst time spent in Adelaide can be maximised to achieve targeted goals.

Meanwhile, the spouse staying behind in the home country is able to continue being gainfully employed, providing a financial buffer whilst the job search in Adelaide is taking place. And when all is set and ready in Adelaide, the move to Adelaide by the rest of the family will be very smooth and stress-free.

Sure, splitting up is not everybody's cup of tea. It may bring anxieties and other emotional issues into the picture. But the world is a very connected place these days. Staying in touch is not an issue. Adelaide is now well connected with full-service and budget airlines flying out of Adelaide Airport, enabling one to make a short visit home, if need be, to catch up with the family.

So do consider a temporary split as a strategy in making the move to Adelaide. Sometimes, a short term split can also bring a family closer once the entire family has settled down together in Adelaide.

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