Strategies for a smooth move to Adelaide

Every migration is different. Why? Simply because every family is different. The aspirations of the family, the lifestyle choice, the reason for the move to Adelaide etc etc are many and varied. Therefore different dynamics are at work with different priorities placed on the many aspects of the move to Adelaide.

Invariably though, one aspect is paramount to any family making the move to Adelaide. The beginning of the adventure will always be critical in determining how enjoyable or stressful the move to Adelaide turns out to be. And at the beginning, one single issue more than any other that can cause stress is housing or accommodation.

A place to stay for the family will provide a sound basis for the family to re-create their lives in Adelaide. Apart from providing shelter, it gives an address that enables families to tell the world – “This is me.” and “We are here”. Think about all the connections that an address offers – schools, banks, ATO, Medicare, insurances, driver’s licence.

Renting is probably the most common strategy for new migrants. Renting enables families to experience living in a locality and understanding Adelaide before taking the plunge to become a property owner. Yet, how does one secure a rental remotely from the home country? And once the rental is secured, how should one organise for the place to be furnished, ready for the family to move in?

A bit of self promo here. The above are some of the reasons why we at Welcome2Adelaide offer short term accommodation for 2 for anyone taking up any of our Service Packages. We realise that there is a need for such a service simply for families to make short trips to Adelaide and get the move to Adelaide going.

The perfect timing is often not always possible for new migrants. With rental properties, it is reasonable for landlords to expect the tenancy to start immediately, or within a reasonable time frame, even if the migrant family is not quite ready to make the move to Adelaide yet, Whilst we would all love to be able to secure a rental property just in time for the family to move over, the reality is that this is often difficult to achieve.

We know of families who have rented 2-3 months ahead of their impending move to Adelaide, leaving the property vacant as they return back to their home country to finalise their affairs. Now they have an address in Adelaide to give to their relatives and friends in their home country. They also have an address to re-direct their mail, and to tell their logistics provider where to send their shipping container to.

Buying a property is another option. Most local banks are willing to provide up to 80% financing for the purchase of residential properties where the supporting documents such as payslips are from overseas. This is positive for new migrants as they will be able to secure a mortgage whilst still being gainfully employed in their home country. Once they have given up their job and moved to Adelaide, it will become more difficult to secure a mortgage as most banks would require a record of current employment of at least 6 months before they would approve a new mortgage.

Even if one is buying a property ahead of the move to Adelaide, timing is important. Some families are happy to leave their house vacant until such time as the family is ready to make the move to Adelaide. This could be for the kids’ educational reasons and can be as long as a year later. Others are more fortunate; they manage to rent the property back to the vendor until the family is ready to make the move to Adelaide. With timing, there is always an element of luck involved.

We hope the above provides an insight and helps new migrants plan the start of their move to Adelaide. Welcome2Adelaide is ready to assist new migrants with property inspections and advice on rental and purchase of property ahead of your move to Adelaide.

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