Moving to Adelaide

You have your Australian visa in hand, and now you are moving to Adelaide. You are excited at the prospect of starting afresh in a new land, and at the same time, daunted by the task. Moving to Adelaide can be a relatively painless process if you have done your homework, especially if you decide to partner with Welcome2Adelaide.

First and foremost, it is important for you to recce the lovely city of Adelaide. Adelaide is a dynamic and culturally diverse city with one of the most affordable housing prices compared with the other Australian mainland capital cities. Settling on your preferred location is dependent on your priorities – whether it is life-style requirements (e.g. enjoying the stunning coastal suburbs, or relaxing in the hilly climes in the east), or whether your location is determined by schooling needs of your children, or perhaps you prefer a location closer to your office.

If your location is driven by education needs for your children, bear in mind that public (or government schools) are zoned. Be prepared to visit several schools and arrange for school tours. The schools may have different philosophies or emphasis, so make sure you find a good fit for your children.

Finding suitable accommodation will be the next task after you have determined your preferred locality. Surf the net and look up available accommodation on real property websites – see what is available within your price range and initiate contact with real estate agents. Make sure you have references ready when you look to rent a property.

Most importantly, network with friends or friends of friends who live in Adelaide. You will find that Adelaideans are by and large, friendly and helpful. If you have a hobby or sporting interest, look at joining clubs. There is also an active spirit of volunteerism in Adelaide – in local schools or community centres. Try to set up as many friendship circles as possible.

Finally you are ready to make the move to Adelaide. You have to decide whether you intend to transport all your furniture and household items. If you wish to do so, find a reliable logistics company – one that will treat your items with care. The logistics company should have an agent in Adelaide to deal with any issues that may arise, and ensure that your belongings arrive safely and are unpacked properly at your specified destination.

Moving to Adelaide is now a reality – after you have set up your house, try to participate in neighbourhood or community events. Make friends with your neighbours, or parents of your children’s classmates. Volunteer your free time – the more you give, the more you will receive. And you will find that moving to Adelaide is probably the best thing you ever did.

Welcome2Adelaide is ready to assist in any way to ensure that moving to Adelaide is an inclusive and satisfying process for your family.


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