An interview with a new migrant to Adelaide

W2A: When did you move to Adelaide?

Annie: We moved to Australia in 2010. I arrived in Adelaide in June 2010, and my family joined me six months later.

W2A: Did you know anyone in Adelaide prior to your relocation?

Annie: No, we personally did not know anyone in Adelaide prior to my arrival. We subscribed to the SA State Government’s meet-and-greet service. We found it very useful as we were given a brief orientation of Adelaide on arrival. Unfortunately, the service is no longer available due to funding cutbacks.

W2A: What was your major concern about your move to Adelaide whilst you were still in your home country? Was this concern as critical as you had imagined?

Annie: We didn't know anyone here in Adelaide. This hampered our understanding of critical market information such as schools, and the job and property markets. However, I did not find it as daunting as I had thought. The people in Adelaide are generally friendly and always willing to help.

W2A: When you first arrived in Adelaide, what was the one issue that caused you the most anxiety? How was this resolved?

Annie: Our main concern was employment. From my research, I already had a rough idea what to expect on the job front. That helped to keep my goal realistic. And manageable. It is important to keep an open mind on the job opportunities in the market.

W2A: Did the entire family move to Adelaide together? In what way did you find your arrangement beneficial? Was there anything you would have done differently?

Annie: No, I moved to Adelaide first and my family joined me six months later. Though it was difficult being apart from my family, it was beneficial as I was here to do the set up without the burden of also having to look after the family. During those six months, my husband stayed back to wrap up the loose ends before making the final move here with our daughter.

W2A: Tell us about your job hunting experience. How long did it take you to land your first job?

Annie: It took me about 5 months before I landed my first job. I discovered that it is very important to adapt your resume to suit the market here. It is also important to have initiative and be pro active in your job hunting process. Having arrived in a new country and a new city, one should always look to expand on one’s network of acquaintances quickly.

W2A: Did you ever feel like giving up during the job hunting process?

Annie: No. I believe if you have a will, then there will always be a way for paths to unfold. You never know what is in store for you just around the corner.

W2A: What advice would you give future migrants?

Annie: Set manageable goals. Keep an open mind and think outside the box.

W2A: Are you happy to have made the move to Adelaide?

Annie: Yes. We can already see a major improvement in our daughter. She is now more confident of herself. She is also more inquisitive, which is important for creative thinking. Last but not least, we like the lifestyle here, and now tend to spend more time together and do more activities as a family.

W2A: Thank you for sharing your experience, Annie.

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