Migration Service Packages

The Complete Package 

• Pre-arrival advice

* Meet & Greet at Adelaide Airport

• up to 10 days of intensive accompanied orientation tours and arrival guidance

• includes up to 10 house rental inspections

• Guided assistance to get your new life underway


This package combines the popular Recce Package and the Migration Arrival Package at a fixed price for a complete coverage of all your needs when moving to Adelaide.  All the essential components of both the Recce Package and the Migration Arrival Package are included and up to 10 house rental inspections have been included for added value.


migration assistance
Recce Package 
from AUD$1,199 
(suitable for first entry visit to get to know Adelaide)


• Pre-arrival advice

* Meet & Greet at Adelaide Airport

• 3-day intensive accompanied

  orientation tour


This package is ideal for families who are visiting Adelaide for the first time without their children.


A recce visit will enable new migrants to obtain first-hand knowledge of the city and its surroundings, lifestyle and culture. A vital component of the package is the local knowledge provided with regards to places to live, schools for the children, opening of bank account, applying for an Australian Tax File Number, general advice on government assistance that is available, and community and networking opportunities.


Our Meet & Greet service and the 3-day accompanied tour allow you to start your recce visit straight out of the airport. We will assist you with car hire on arrival in Adelaide, and escort you to your short term accommodation. Thereafter, we will accompany you as you look for a more permanent accommodation and schools for the children. The accompanied tour is customised to your needs and priorities.

migration assistance
Migration Arrival 
from AUD$1,699 
(suitable for newly arrived family making the permanent move to Adelaide)


• Pre-arrival advice

* Meet & Greet at Adelaide Airport

• 5-day intensive accompanied


• Guided assistance to get your

   new life underway


This package is suited for families making the permanent move to Adelaide, with or without the benefit of a prior visit.


Whilst considerations may have already been made as to the suburb to live in and the school of choice, now is the time to put the plan into action. We will provide the assistance to settle you in your new home and get the kids into school. Our Meet & Greet service and the 5-day accompanied program will ease the stress of the big move and help your family settle in the new environment.

Student Recce

AUD$300 per day 
(suitable for parents and students to get to know Adelaide prior to enrolment in university)


• Meet & Greet at Adelaide Airport

• Daily intensive accompanied



This package is ideal for parents who are planning to send their child to Adelaide for further education.  It will enable parents to find out more about the university, the city and its surrounding suburbs. 


AUD$300 per day 

Extension to all the packages offered is also available on a daily basis as required.


Extension packages need not be utilised on a consecutive day basis.


Due to the personal nature of the service provided, all bookings are taken on a first-come first-serve basis upon payment being made.

* Daily packages on an ad hoc basis are charged at AUD$450 per day.

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