L, Y & family 
 Oct 2017  


Yes...it is such a relief having someone like Edward guiding us about in Adelaide. In our situation, we had been corresponding with him for over one and half years by email before we finally migrated to Adelaide.

He is very informative about Adelaide’s locality and had provided great advice for us to decide whether or not to move to Adelaide and where to settle in Adelaide. 

One of the aspects that we really appreciate was his information and advice about the school to enrol our two boys in. We also appreciate his assistance and prompt response, and great patience with us in conducting house inspections and his timely feedback to us on the outcome. Our house electricity and gas connections were all done before we arrived, and we got our car the day after we arrived with his assistance in negotiating with the car dealer prior to the purchase. He also helped us in other matters such as recommending professionals to help us deal with important local matters.

He had provided us with a list of matters that we need to look into when we arrived which we are very grateful, and unexpectedly he also provided us with kitchenware which are very useful to us. It made us feel like coming home to Adelaide instead of moving to somewhere unknown. And, here we are now, it's been over a week since we arrived.

We greatly recommend him to anybody who is planning to move to Adelaide, or who is making plans to visit Adelaide.

 S.K.L. Lee & family 
 May 2017  


Just like any new applicant who was recently granted an Australian PR (State Sponsorship), I was overjoyed and thrilled. Along with the joy comes a hundred questions, like “What should I do now? How is Adelaide like? Will my family and I be able to settle there?  Will I be able to find employment? Which school should I enrol my child? Which suburbs should I choose or avoid?” and the list goes on.

As such, based on a recommendation, I contacted Edward Tan from Welcome2Adelaide a couple of months before my intended first landing in South Australia. He promptly responded to all my emails and queries about moving to Adelaide, and our correspondence took off from there.

So when I did my first landing in Adelaide with my family recently, I decided to engage Edward’s services for 3 days. For our visit, Edward developed a 3-day itinerary plan that was tailored to our needs, which included visits to suburbs, schools, and houses.

Our very first impression of Edward was that he is friendly, very approachable and accommodating, with a personal touch in assisting new families settle in Adelaide. I felt comfortable talking to him and somehow I feel he is now like a buddy to me. He also has an in depth knowledge of suburbs and latest update on current affairs which is really helpful to help us decide on our goals. He even hooked us up with a few personal friends, which indicated to me this guy has gone to great lengths for us.

I would highly recommend any new migrants to Adelaide to look him up if you wish to seek help in making an informed decision in a life changing transition for you and the entire family. With only 3 days of his services, I felt more assured and informed of the place (which would have taken me months if I had to do it on my own).

So, thank you Edward. It was a great and memorable trip.

Moving to Adelaide
 Shin Yee Tee 
 Jan 2017  


转眼间我们在这里已经住了两个星期多。能够很顺利和适应新环境,都要感恩这位重要人物Edward Tan。在有缘份之下,我们通过一间银行,拿到他的名片,之后我们就回马来西亚,至到拿到移民证书,我先生才通过电邮联络他。




因为我们见了三次面,他给了我很大的鼓励及安慰,让我有信心在新环境生活。他会尽量让我认识这新土地的文化,生活方式, 那里可以吃马来西亚的食物,买到亚州的煮食料理。

他是一位很真诚,友善,很容易相处的人。最后,我要谢谢他和他家人,在我们的家具还没到达时,借了我们床垫和被子及一些厨房工具,真是雪中送炭呀! 谢谢您!

Moving to Adelaide
 Pauleen Kinoti 
 Sept 2016  


My husband and I had made the all-important decision to move to Adelaide from Nairobi, Kenya and through research online, once the process was well underway, happened upon Edward’s website, www.Welcome2Adelaide.com.au. The articles on his comprehensive website were so concise and helpful that I decided it would be great to get in touch with him for his assistance in moving our family; my husband and I, and our 3 young children to Adelaide. Great decision!

From the onset, Edward was very responsive via email and would go into unexpected and most welcome detail about the options we have in terms of schooling (public or private), housing (purchasing or renting), and many other aspects of settling into a new country overall, not just Adelaide. What a gem! He would share his ideas and experiences after getting a good understanding of what our requirements were in our primary areas of concern, and these were not few.

I also decided to do a week long Recce trip in September 2016 with my husband. We appreciated the benefits of doing so from Edward’s experience in dealing with many other migrants, some of whom had done the same. He provided a detailed itinerary of school visits from schools we had expressed interest in and house inspections, to help us identify a new home. The real estate knowledge he shared was truly invaluable and a considerable money saver!

The Recce with Edward as our host in Adelaide allayed our fears and uncertainties of settling our kids and ourselves, and we left with such high optimism, confidence and peace of mind that all will be well. Edward got into our corner and guided us as a friend does. He continuously provided some impressive nuggets of information, for example, what type of car my husband should look for and the type of driving test he should take. He delivered a highly personalized and professional service that put us at ease during our entire interaction with him. He has commendable attention to detail, is very organized, proactive, kind and most pleasant. We highly recommend Welcome2Adelaide services knowing our final move will now be largely stress free, thanks to Edward.

Moving to Adelaide
 Wong Cheok Gid  
 Feb 2016  


I have engaged the services of Edward Tan from Welcome2Adelaide recently for my move to Adelaide.  I had resided in Newcastle, Australia in the 90’s and thus, am familiar with the Australian culture. In the beginning, I thought that I will be able to handle the move easily as I have been to Adelaide and have contacted the bank, the City Council for business opportunities and even a few real estate agents.  


However, due to my busy schedule, I changed my mind and got Edward’s contact from Andrea of HSBC Bank.  That proved to be one of the best decisions I made.  I may know the culture and my way around Adelaide but there are many instances where I needed someone to represent me. For example, while looking for my future home in Adelaide, I received many advice from Edward.  Finally, I decided to build my own home and Edward became even more indispensable.


Edward has built his own home and therefore, has experience in the home building process.  Buying a plot of land and then building a house is a very long process and it is very difficult to handle the process when I am back in Malaysia.  During this period, Edward represented me and saved me a lot of trouble.  


Edward is also very friendly, easy to deal with and a very concerned friend. He will often follow-up on the progress of my loan application. Lastly, Edward also introduced me to an accountant who is very energetic and from him, I got more contacts and advice.  I would highly recommend anyone moving to Adelaide to contact Edward, for his help is essential. 


Moving to Adelaide
 Wil & Gwen  
 Sept 2015  


Edward, thank you for making our move to Adelaide easier. Being a local in Adelaide and a Malaysian, he has been able to understand our needs to make Adelaide our new home. He has personalised our itinerary months before our arrival and has provided us with many good insights on the best suburb to live in Adelaide.  As the result of his professional advice and arrangement, our recce trip has been most rewarding.


Welcome2Adelaide's service has enabled us to experience Adelaide like a local the moment we arrived on our Initial Landing.

 Mohamed Fazil  
 Sept 2015  


I came across Edward’s services through an acquaintance’s friend who had used his services some time ago.  My family and I are moving to Adelaide by the end of 2015 and I decided to engage his services.


We had already secured a place in a school for our daughters, and finding a place to stay within the school zone was the top priority.  Our main concern was to find one that was comfortable, within our budget and walking distance to the school.


With Edward’s help, we managed to secure one within a few weeks. Edward is very knowledgeable in a lot of aspects regarding moving and living in Adelaide.  He was very prompt and detailed in his reports and has offered many important and useful advice. We did not know that securing a rental property in Adelaide was a bit of a hassle when you are overseas.  Edward guided us through the process.  His help does not end there as he will also look after the property and its upkeep until our arrival.


Engaging Edward for his services has relieved some of the major stress with regards to our move.  We really appreciate his help so far and intend to continue with his services when we arrive. I recommend anyone making the leap to Adelaide to consult Edward for a hassle free move.

Moving to Adelaide
 Harveen & Amreek  
 Sept 2015  


We have indeed been extremely fortunate to have met Edward. The internet was our introducer! We stumbled on Edward’s website and got to know him. He was very generous in providing information and advice in the few months we corresponded prior to us engaging him.  When it was time for us to look for a place to rent in a particular school zone, we asked Edward immediately.  It made perfect sense.  


Many don’t realise the systems and processes in getting a place in Australia and it can be challenging for a new migrant.  Still holding our jobs in Malaysia and children at school, we could not just leave for a few weeks to be in Australia to look for a house and without the guarantee that we will secure a place.


Edward was the solution.


Edward identified possible houses to inspect and reported back.  He guided us throughout the process. Although he was engaged to conduct inspections, Edward also looked and arranged for all other aspects of the property, which with us being so far away, was necessary, while providing advice on other areas relating to our move to Adelaide.


As new migrants, we need someone whom we can trust and guide us along the way. Seeking out friends and family to help may not be ideal as we are imposing on their daily routine, and also the time and costs involved.


We recommend new migrants to engage Edward's services.  It will prove to  be a wise decision.

 Alvin Ortiz & family  
  July 2015  


In January 2015, when our Permanent Residency visa was granted, I needed assistance to see if my family and I will have a comfortable, better life “Down Under”, specifically in the city of Adelaide.  I needed professional help from an expert who knew Adelaide very well.  I’ve been to Australia as a tourist, but this is my first time to check if this was a country and city where I can see a brighter future for myself and my family.


It was such a blessing that I was introduced by my migration agent and good friend to Edward Tan of Welcome2Adelaide. Edward is a local professional migration relocation expert. Close to 6 months before visiting Adelaide, Edward had already been answering my queries via email and providing me detailed information about Adelaide, giving me tips and hints on what to expect. 


For an actual go see, with my son Polo, we travelled from the Phillippines to Adelaide and was welcomed by Edward.  We had a tight schedule of only 4 days and he was able to assist us with our every need, every step of the way: starting with a short tour of Adelaide, opening a bank account, getting our IDs, enrolling my three young children to a Catholic School, taking a tour of universities in Adelaide, buying a van, and also managing to shortlist several properties that we would eventually lease or maybe even purchase.


After meeting and seeing Adelaide with Edward and Welcome2Adelaide, I now feel very comfortable starting a new life in Adelaide for myself, my wife and my family.  Edward was not only a professional all the way, he treated us like new members of his family! He is such a wonderful person to help anyone and everyone moving to Adelaide.  He makes you feel comfortable and secure, giving you the best options to have that “best life” that you aimed for in a new and foreign city!


Moving to Adelaide
Alvin in Adelaide
Polo in Adelaide
 Dr Patsy Tan  
  Mar 2015  


Edward's knowledge, experience and professionalism are beyond my expectation.  He is sincerely helpful and exceptionally organized.  As a busy working professional, I was not able to sort out school and housing inspection appointments before arriving in Adelaide.


Edward was able to plan everything professionally to suit my needs. He provided us with valuable tips on how we should plan our move.  My daughter and I had a nice time with him and his family during our first visit to Adelaide.


Migration is never easy. However, Edward is indeed a saint for new migrants.  I strongly encourage all who seek to migrate to Adelaide to contact Edward for his services.  I will definitely engage him again once our move from Singapore is finalized.


Moving to Adelaide
 Yeap Saw Khoon & family  
  Dec 2014  


Dear Edward,


This is just a quick note to thank you for being such a wonderful, reliable and well informed consultant. You have not only been very prompt in replying my emails but also provided me with very detailed responses to my questions.


I was amazed just how much my children adore Uncle Edward. They had such a great time in Adelaide thanks to you and your family. 


Kind regards,

Saw Khoon

Moving to Adelaide
 Thurai S Ponnappan  
  Oct 2014  


Excellent, Trustworthy, Reliable! It was a wonderful experience with Welcome2Adelaide having the right guidance, support and personalised service during our move to Adelaide.

Moving to Adelaide
 SC & family  
  May 2014  


Hi Edward, 


Good morning.  Finally, we are back in Ipoh, arrived last night.


First of all, thank you for the time spent with us.  It was indeed an eye opener and an invaluable lesson for us to grasp the lifestyle we are in for if we decide to move to Adelaide.


It is possible that we will drop you a line if we have any questions pertaining to real estate or any other matters in the future.  We might engage your services again once we have made up our minds.



 Nicholas Teoh & family 

  Jan 2014  


Scary and Challenging. 


These were our thoughts prior to our departure to Adelaide.  That was until we met Edward.


As a resident of Adelaide, Edward has shown us his exceptional commitment to making our transition into life in Adelaide a smooth and stress-free experience; from the selection of schools, the purchase of a car, housing and right up to the processes in obtaining a driver’s licence.  These are only but a few items that he has assisted us with. While we were still in Malaysia, Edward professionally presented to us all our options on all aspects of our Adelaide migration for us to make the correct choices.


Although we considered accepting a friend’s offer of assistance when we arrived, we as a family did not want to impose on her.  And it was indeed the right decision as Edward is armed with the knowledge and experience to guide us through the maze of government protocols as well as the quickest solutions which later saved us a substantial amount of time and money.


As a friendly, pro-active and knowledgeable consultant with a high level of professionalism and integrity, we have no hesitation in recommending Edward to you as your personal guide in your move to Adelaide.

Migrated to Adelaide
Migrated to Adelaide

Nick can be contacted at http://graphicontent.com.au

 Frederick & Angeline  
 Nov 2013 


We had the pleasure of being introduced to Edward to guide and assist us on our move to Adelaide and he did not disappoint. Even before meeting us in person, Edward was very helpful in helping us plan our first trip to Adelaide – from helping us get a better idea of the surrounding suburbs, making appointments for school visits, to giving us information on the current economic trends of Adelaide.


All these information, without a doubt, helped us arrange our itinerary so that we could make full use of our time (very important criteria especially with a couple of toddlers tagging along) during that short trip. My husband and I both have lived in Australia during our university years and have a good idea on the Australian lifestyle and culture. But that was a long time ago, and in different cities.


During our first trip to Adelaide, Edward and his family invited us to their lovely home for a Sunday afternoon barbecue, so that we were able to meet with other migrant friends of his. This allowed us to speak to other migrants and find out what it was like for them when they moved to Adelaide. The get-together, in turn, made us more comfortable and reassured us about our decision to move. Let’s face it, making that decision to move to another country while leaving all our families, relatives, jobs, and all that we have worked for most of our lives behind, is not an easy one to make.


Edward’s experience, background and eye for detail also helped us in identifying and securing a good house for us to live in. We are indeed lucky to have someone who is always ready to advise us on anything we asked. No question was too small or too big for him to entertain, and for that we are grateful.


He is knowledgeable in the real estate market as he has done quite a lot of research in the field. He has been to many open house inspections and some of the real estate agents also know him, because they have seen him many times. Since he has built his own house, he can also elaborate on the methods of construction or materials used for both new or old houses. I joked with him that he should become a real estate agent.


We fully recommend Edward’s services to anyone wanting or needing help to move to Adelaide. Edward, together with his family, indeed has made us feel welcomed to Adelaide.

Migrated to Adelaide
 Peter Xavier   
  Feb 2012  


I would like to thank Edward for his invaluable services to me and my family.  Without his help, we would have been completely stranded upon arriving in Adelaide.  We had thought that since we did a 10-day recce trip two-months ahead, we would be fine. However, we still encountered various obstacles when the whole family relocated from Malaysia to Adelaide and we could not have managed without Edward’s help.


There were so many daily issues we had to look into and Edward helped us in every step of the way.  From our experience, the visa application only constitutes 30% of the migration process whilst the remaining 70% involves the settling in process. Things are done differently here in Australia. We relied totally on Edward's local know-how on diverse matters including the need for local references (e.g. 100 points check), renting a home, buying a car, opening a bank account, schools, local communities and support group, job applications and many other matters.  Edward was God-sent and we owe him our gratitude.


I strongly recommend new migrants to seek Edward’s services, especially those with children in-tow. One cannot anticipate the difficulties until one sets foot in Adelaide and only then the reality sinks in.

Migrated to Adelaide

 SM Wang 

  July 2010  


Edward was a big help and relief for me in easing me into a completely new environment. He rendered his professional service even before I landed in Adelaide; he assisted me in securing a room for rent. You wouldn't want to rent a place without first inspecting the residence, so it was wonderful that Edward checked out the premises and got back to me on its state and environment.


Edward was the source who provided a wealth of information including advice on superannuation (I didn't know about the Government's $1,000 co-contribution until he alerted me to it), taxation, housing properties in Adelaide, tips on hunting for jobs, private medical insurance (Edward elaborated on the finer aspects of the consequences of getting oneself a cover), and other invaluable information and assistance. Edward was attentive to my needs, and would always listen and help me out in any way he best could. I would recommend Edward's services to any new migrant who wants to settle in quickly and accustom himself or herself to Adelaide.

Migrated to Adelaide