Adelaide, South Australia

 My family and I have made  

 the same journey from 
 Malaysia that you are just 
 about to commence. 

WELCOME TO ADELAIDE ! The excitement of receiving news that your migration application has been approved is fading. You are instead now contemplating the task of leaving behind the familiar comforts of your home and facing the enormity of that final step of migrating permanently to your new home in Adelaide. Naturally there are many concerns and worries about the difficulties you may encounter during your relocation to Adelaide.


My family and I have made the same journey from Malaysia that you are just about to commence. Whatever the reason behind your decision to migrate to Adelaide, we are sure you share the same objectives - to seek a better life and to enjoy a better quality of life.


My wife and I have lived in Adelaide for more than 15 years, including our time as students at the University of Adelaide. We have seen the city change from the admittedly sleepy town it was 27 odd years ago, to a happy mix of cosmopolitan multiculturalism and laid-back hospitality that is now Adelaide.


We are in a unique position to help you with your process to relocate and settle in Adelaide, having gone through the same adventure. Identifying the appropriate schools for your children, the right suburb to live in, house hunting, job hunting, car hunting ... the list is endless.


Since relocating in Adelaide, we have applied our hands-on experience in helping many new migrant families make the transition to their new lives in Adelaide. We look forward to welcoming you in Adelaide and helping you navigate your move as you embark on your most exciting journey yet ...