Moving to Adelaide is a once in a lifetime adventure. Allow me to take care of you, so you and your family can fully enjoy your new start in Adelaide.  

Migrated to Adelaide

WELCOME TO ADELAIDE ! You have finally obtained your visa and have now made the big step to migrate permanently to Adelaide. This decision was not easily made, and there are many concerns and worries, not only about the logistics of moving to Adelaide, but the more mundane practicalities of living in Adelaide.


It is certainly not an easy task up-rooting the family and moving to a new city thousands of miles away. Whilst Adelaide is a lovely city, it is not (yet) the popular Australian tourist destination as compared to its cousins on the eastern seaboard. Most new migrants have never been to Adelaide, and have little or no actual knowledge of living in Adelaide. This makes the impending move to Adelaide even more daunting.


My family and I have made the same journey that you are just about to commence. Through the years, we have used our own experiences and local knowledge to help the increasing number of migrants move and resettle in Adelaide – and it is most gratifying to see these families assimilate and live comfortably within the Adelaide community.


Once you have identified and confirmed the purchase of the relevant package of services, we will be able to start the process of identifying your needs and priorities. We will then prepare a road-map for your first entry and guide you and accompany you through the process when you arrive in Adelaide. With us by your side, you will be confident of utilising your time in Adelaide efficiently to identify and resolve any concerns relating to your move to Adelaide.


We believe that if you have made the correct preparations with us, we will be able to reduce (and even eliminate) the anxieties and stress related to your move to Adelaide.


We look forward to welcoming you in Adelaide and helping you navigate your move as you embark on your most exciting journey yet.

Providing services for:

moving to Adelaide from Malaysia
moving to Adelaide from Singapore
migrating to Adelaide from Hong Kong
migrating to Adelaide from India
relocating to Adelaide from Indonesia

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May 29, 2015

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Edward was worth his weight in gold. He engaged with us extensively over email, understood our profile, motives for moving, what we were looking for, prepared a detailed itinerary, and offered great advice about how to make the best use of our stay.

Sonia May 2018

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